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Why Selma-Dallas County?

Alabama is centrally located for success

The fastest-growing economy in the country is right here in the State of Alabama, rich with history and full of excitement and innovation. We in Alabama are celebrating both our past and our future. We have geography that spans all different sorts – one of the most varied in the nation, in fact. From mountains and valleys to beaches and riverbanks, there’s a wealth of natural beauty on display when you need to getaway.

Beyond beauty, our state offers thousands of available sites, a proven track record of success, and a pro-business attitude that allows us to develop custom incentive packages tailored to a company’s individual needs. Consider Selma your toolbox to building a great business: we have the resources, atmosphere, workforce, and competitive advantages to cultivate growth and expansion in any field.


Alabama sits at the heart of the fastest-growing region in the United States. Comprised by a network of thousands of roads, plentiful airports, inland waterways, and proximity to the 9th largest seaport in the U.S., Alabama is as easy to access as it is a choice for businesses.

  • 6 Interstates – Totaling 1,126 miles
  • 4 Class 1 Railroads totaling more than 2,500 miles of rail
  • 90 Public Airports
  • 19 U.S. Highways totaling 3,852.85 miles
  • 9th largest deep-water seaport in U.S.-Port of Mobile
  • 5 cargo airports

Quality of Life

Selma is the Old South with a new attitude. It’s the perfect place to live, shop, and play.  History lives on almost every corner, and while we are anchored by our past, we’re also focused on the future, celebrating our heritage, our architecture, our arts, our culture, and our natural beauty. Offering the perfect combination of leisure and convenience, living here can feel more like a vacation than everyday life. Feeling adventurous? Go on a morning hike or spend the day at a golf course, all without venturing too far from home. There’s a reason why Alabama hospitality is legendary, and our quality of life cannot be beaten. Let us share it with you!

Soaring Artistry

Selma was declared the Butterfly Capital of Alabama in 1982, and the many five-foot butterflies all around town honor this fact. The butterflies were decorated by over 40 local artists, and each different winged work of art reflects the artist’s and sponsors’ individual imaginations.

Farm Freshness

Get it while it’s good! Delicious, healthy, homegrown fruits and veggies are for sale every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from early May until the end of December at the Farmer’s Market at Bloch Park.

Outdoor Adventures

Sitting on the banks of the Alabama River and surrounded by forests and fields teeming with wildlife, Selma offers an abundance of outdoor activities, including hunting and fishing opportunities to fulfill any sportsman’s dreams. Try your luck at the Dallas County State Public Fishing Lake, a 100-acre gem offering excellent fishing year-round.

Civil Rights Stories

A century after the Civil War, Selma made history again as the site of some of the most infamous events in the Civil Rights Movement including “Bloody Sunday” and the successful Selma-to-Montgomery March, led by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Haunts & Haints

With more than a century of history predating the Civil War, Selma has more than its fair share of historic sites that are also haunted. View 13 Dallas County sites on the Alabama Ghost Trail and take the self-guided Ghost Tour. Visit in late October, and participate in the Haunted History Tour weekend featuring Selma and Old Cahawba. But don’t get too frightened. While their tales may send a shiver up your spine, Selma’s “ghosts” are all friendly.

Confederate Chronicles

Selma was one of the major munitions manufacturers for the Confederacy in the Civil War, making it a prime Union target and the location of some serious battles.

Holy Ground

Some of the loveliest examples of Selma’s architectural variety and skill can be observed in the many old churches scattered throughout the city, most still in use today. Take a self-guided tour. And find glory, humor, and tenderness in the stories told by gravestones at Old Live Oak Cemetery.

Bigger & Better

Take the “Windshield Tour” through Selma’s Old Town Historic District and view over 1,250 designated historic structures in the state’s largest contiguous Historic District.

Street Scenes

All along Historic Water Avenue, you’ll find sites of significance to both the Civil War and the Civil Rights Movement, including the famous Edmund Pettus Bridge and the beginning of the Selma to Montgomery Trail, the Songs of Selma Park and the Bridge Tender’s House.

Quality of Life

Industrial Parks