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Tax Abatements & Incentives

Dallas County and the State of Alabama offer competitive taxes and incentives to attract business, industry and to create economic development. A variety of incentives can be made available to new and expanding industries. All incentives are evaluated on a project-by-project basis. The State of Alabama evaluates projects based on direct and indirect revenue returned to the State as well as the commitments from local agencies. For the State to invest each project must be revenue-positive and the incentives offered cannot exceed or equal the tax liability of the project company. For more information please contact The Selma – Dallas County EDA.

As with all commitments of the State of Alabama to extend public funds for economic development projects, it is subject to applicable provisions of Alabama law and the Constitution of Alabama of 1901. In addition, the parties must confirm their respective obligations by the execution of written project agreement setting out the terms and conditions unique to the project as well as those customary for undertaking of this nature. The customary obligation will include a defined employment ramp-up period, defined incentive period and compliance procedure, an appropriate jobs maintenance period, and appropriate claw backs for non-performance.

For more information please contact The Selma – Dallas County EDA.